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What are Nouns Worksheet with Answers PDF Download

Study what are nouns multiple choice questions, grade 8 online a level physics 4, nouns multiple choice questions with answers as my cat's fur was matted mess. (which word is a possessive noun?), below. Free assessment test for online study nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on What are Nouns - Quiz 4

MCQ: My cat's fur was matted mess. (Which word is a possessive noun?)

  1. matted
  2. mess
  3. was
  4. cat's fur


MCQ: I like enjoying soft music. (Which word is a verbal noun?)

  1. soft
  2. enjoying
  3. music
  4. like


MCQ: Alice, You have to prepare yourself for tomorrow's test.(Which word is a vocative noun?)

  1. prepare
  2. Alice
  3. test
  4. you


MCQ: My sister was the group president. (Which word is a predicate noun?)

  1. group
  2. sister
  3. my
  4. president


MCQ: Audience gave a huge round of applause to the singer. (Which word is a collective noun?)

  1. huge
  2. singer
  3. gave
  4. Audience