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What are Nouns Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

Solve What are nouns quiz questions and answers, what are nouns MCQ questions with answers PDF to practice grade 8 english worksheet 3 for online certificates. Practice Nouns MCQs, what are nouns quiz questions and answers for online school courses. What are Nouns Quiz PDF: nouns test prep for online elementary school classes.

The MCQ Quiz: Sun shine keeps us warm in winter. (Which word is a mass noun?) PDF, "what are nouns" App (iOS & Android) with choices winter, keeps, warm, and sunshine for online school courses. Solve nouns quiz questions for school certificate programs for online certificate courses.

Class 8 English: What are Nouns Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Sun shine keeps us warm in winter. (Which word is a mass noun?)

A) keeps
B) winter
C) warm
D) sunshine

MCQ: Fox wanted to eat a bunch of grapes. (Which word is a collective noun?)

A) wanted
B) bunch of grapes
C) fox
D) eat

MCQ: My father bought a beautiful mare. (Which word is a feminine noun?)

A) mare
B) beautiful
C) my
D) father

MCQ: Please must remember to bring bananas.(Which word is a collective noun?)

A) must
B) bananas
C) bring
D) pleasure

MCQ: This is Sara's coat. Which she forgot here. (Which word is a singular possessive noun?)

A) this
B) a
C) forgot
D) Sara's coat.

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