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Grade 8 English MCQs - Chapter 5

Verb Tenses MCQ Questions PDF Download - 2

Learn Verb tenses MCQ with answers, verb tenses quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 8 english worksheet 2 for online classes. Practice Verbs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), verb tenses quiz questions and answers for online degrees. Verb Tenses MCQs PDF: verbs test prep for online elementary school courses.

"My father ___________ newspaper after getting up." Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on verb tenses with choices is read, read, am read, and reads for online degrees. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for online teaching certification programs.

MCQs on Verb Tenses

MCQ: My father ___________ newspaper after getting up.

A) read
B) is read
C) am read
D) reads

MCQ: One must consider about any matter before ___________ it.

A) deciding
B) decides
C) decide
D) decided

MCQ: Wait for us at home until I ___________ from the office.

A) returned
B) am return
C) returns
D) return

MCQ: They ___________ asked to give opinion in their own words.

A) may be
B) could be
C) might
D) have being

MCQ: Do you know, I ___________ asked by them to be honest?

A) am
B) is
C) were
D) are

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