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Chapter 5: Class 8 English Exam Tests

Class 8 English MCQs - Chapter 5

Verb Tenses MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF - 2

Learn Verb tenses MCQ with answers, verb tenses quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 8 english worksheet 2 for online classes. Practice Verbs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), verb tenses quiz questions and answers to learn e-learning courses. Verb Tenses MCQs PDF: verbs test prep for online elementary school courses.

The Quiz: My father ___________ newspaper after getting up. PDF, "verb tenses Quiz" App (Android & iOS) with choices is read, read, am read, and reads to learn e-learning courses. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for online teaching certification programs.

Verb Tenses Quiz PDF Download: English Test 2

MCQ 6: My father ___________ newspaper after getting up.

A) read
B) is read
C) am read
D) reads

MCQ 7: One must consider about any matter before ___________ it.

A) deciding
B) decides
C) decide
D) decided

MCQ 8: Wait for us at home until I ___________ from the office.

A) returned
B) am return
C) returns
D) return

MCQ 9: They ___________ asked to give opinion in their own words.

A) may be
B) could be
C) might
D) have being

MCQ 10: Do you know, I ___________ asked by them to be honest?

A) am
B) is
C) were
D) are

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