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Chapter 5: Class 8 English Exam Tests

Class 8 English MCQs - Chapter 5

Verb Tenses Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

Solve Verb tenses quiz questions and answers, verb tenses MCQ questions with answers PDF to practice grade 8 english worksheet 3 for online certificates. Practice Verbs MCQs, verb tenses quiz questions and answers for virtual online school. Verb Tenses Quiz PDF: verbs test prep for virtual elementary school.

The MCQ Quiz: There ___________ lots of hidden feelings and emotions behind every faces. PDF, "verb tenses MCQs" App (iOS & Android) with choices have being, was, are, and were be for virtual online school. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for virtual elementary school.

Class 8 English: Verb Tenses Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: There ___________ lots of hidden feelings and emotions behind every faces.

A) was
B) have being
C) are
D) were be

MCQ: Why ___________ you break your promise?

A) did
B) does
C) done
D) is

MCQ: Each country is responsible to keep ___________ for peace in the region.

A) work
B) works
C) worked
D) working

MCQ: Twelve terrorists ___________ in air strike.

A) kill
B) kills
C) is killed
D) killed

MCQ: She ___________ for effective follow up of the agenda.

A) called
B) call
C) will called
D) be call

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