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Chapter 4: Class 10 English Mock Tests

Class 10 English MCQs - Chapter 4

Examples of Verbs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 5

Practice Examples of verbs multiple choice questions and answers, examples of verbs quiz answers PDF to solve grade 10 english worksheet 5 for online courses. Practice Verbs MCQs, examples of verbs quiz questions and answers for online school courses. Examples of Verbs MCQ PDF: verbs test prep for online high school classes.

The MCQ: A ruling party smells a rat and fears thay other party ____________ planning against it. PDF, "examples of verbs" App Download (Free) with choices were, are, is, and will for online school courses. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for online certificate courses.

Class 10 English: Examples of Verbs Quiz

MCQ: A ruling party smells a rat and fears thay other party ____________ planning against it.

A) are
B) were
C) is
D) will

MCQ: During the day, I ____________ myself busy with my studies and at night, I do my homework.

A) keeps
B) kept
C) am keep
D) keep

MCQ: A teacher needs to discuss in classes, it ____________ curiosity in students.

A) creates
B) created
C) create
D) will creates

MCQ: Aliya sieved a very fine mash to ____________ rid of any material.

A) get
B) got
C) getting
D) gets

MCQ: Whenever I feel alone, I usually ____________ to my mother.

A) talks
B) talk
C) talking
D) be talk

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