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Types of Nouns Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

Practice Types of nouns multiple choice questions and answers, types of nouns quiz answers PDF to solve grade 10 english worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice Nouns MCQs, types of nouns quiz questions and answers for taking online classes. Types of Nouns MCQ PDF: nouns test prep for online learning.

The MCQ: Do you ever need to give request? (Which word is a count noun?) PDF, "types of nouns" App Download (Free) with choices give, ever, request, and you for taking online classes. Solve nouns quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance learning.

Class 10 English: Types of Nouns Quiz

MCQ: Do you ever need to give request? (Which word is a count noun?)

A) ever
B) give
C) request
D) you

MCQ: Teacher asked the students to use color pencils during art period. (Which word is a compound noun?)

A) colour pencil
B) studetns
C) period
D) teacher

MCQ: Australian government will bring together anti-terror laws. (Which word is a nominative noun?)

A) bring
B) Australian
C) anti-terror
D) government

MCQ: They like swimming. Whenever they have a leisure time. (Which word is a verbal noun?)

A) leisure
B) free
C) like
D) swimming

MCQ: Solar energy can be an alternative source of power. (Which word is a predicative noun?)

A) solar
B) can be
C) alternative source of power
D) energy

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