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Chapter 4: Class 10 English Mock Tests

Class 10 English MCQs - Chapter 4

Examples of Verbs MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 4

Solve Examples of verbs worksheets with answers, examples of verbs trivia questions with answers PDF to practice grade 10 english worksheet 4 for online learning. Practice Verbs MCQs, examples of verbs quiz questions and answers for high school graduation certificate. Examples of Verbs MCQ PDF: verbs test prep for online school and college.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): When I do not reply, it simply means your stupid conversation _______ _______ worth any more of my time. PDF, "examples of verbs Quiz" App APK (Free) with choices are not, is not, were not, and am not for high school graduation certificate. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance education.

Class 10 English: Examples of Verbs MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: When I do not reply, it simply means your stupid conversation _______ _______ worth any more of my time.

A) is not
B) are not
C) were not
D) am not

MCQ: Even though, I am not intelligent but he ____________ give me a chance to work here.

A) will
B) could
C) might been
D) done

MCQ: He cannot keep his words, only ____________ castles in the air.

A) make
B) made
C) build
D) is make

MCQ: Some time, I like to spend my time alone, it ____________ my mind too.

A) refreshes
B) refresh
C) refreshed
D) is refreshes

MCQ: The people demand elected assemblies, ____________ devoted and sincere members.

A) doing
B) having
C) may
D) be

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