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The Book Pharmacology MCQ Questions and Answers, pharmacology trivia questions with answers PDF 12 to download online courses, grade 10 biology tests. Solve Medicinal Drugs MCQs, pharmacology quiz questions and answers for online learning. The e-Book Pharmacology Tests App Download: medicinal drugs, addictive drugs, antibiotics and vaccines, interesting biology topics test prep for high school graduation certificate.

The MCQ Quiz: Which of the following is made from opium? PDF, "Pharmacology" App APK Download with morphine, digitalis, streptomycin, and aspirin choices for online learning. Practice medicinal drugs quiz questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online high school courses.

Chapter 8 MCQs: Pharmacology Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following is made from opium?

A) digitalis
B) morphine
C) streptomycin
D) aspirin

MCQ: The strong painkillers that are used in conjunction with aspirin or paracetamol are called

A) analgesics and vaccines
B) sedatives
C) narcotics
D) hallucinogens

MCQ: The major groups of antibiotics include

A) cephalosporin
B) tetracycline
C) sulfonamides
D) all of above

MCQ: Which of the following recognize the weakened or dead pathogens as enemies?

A) antigens
B) bacteria
C) lymphocytes
D) antibodies

MCQ: The powder which is used on wounds to prevent infection and stop bleeding is made of

A) calcium phosphate
B) iodine sulphate
C) silver nitrate
D) sodium nitrate

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