Medicinal Drugs MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on medicinal drugs quiz answers PDF to study high school biology for online degree courses. Learn pharmacology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Medicinal Drugs" quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. Learn medicinal drugs test prep for online degrees.

"Which of the following drugs is used to stimulate the heart?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on microscope with choices aspirin, morphine, streptomycin, and digitalis for online degree programs. Free biology student portal for online learning pharmacology quiz questions for online degree programs.

MCQs on Medicinal Drugs PDF Download

MCQ: Which of the following drugs is used to stimulate the heart?

  1. aspirin
  2. morphine
  3. streptomycin
  4. digitalis


MCQ: The name of the flower which is used to make the heart stimulating medicine (digitalis) is

  1. foxglove
  2. buttercup
  3. lavender
  4. daffodils


MCQ: The example of a drug which is obtained from animals is

  1. terramycin
  2. fish liver oils
  3. streptomycin
  4. morphine


MCQ: The drugs that induce sedation by reducing excitement or irritability are known as

  1. antibiotics
  2. vaccines
  3. sedatives
  4. analgesics


MCQ: Which of the following reduces pain?

  1. vaccines
  2. sedatives
  3. antibiotics
  4. analgesics