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The Book Five kingdom Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), five kingdom quiz answers PDF to study online courses, 9th grade biology tests. Solve Biodiversity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Five Kingdom quiz questions PDF for school certificate. The e-Book Five Kingdom MCQ App Download: class 9 biology: biodiversity, loss and conservation of biodiversity, five kingdom, classification system test prep for free online classes.

The MCQ: Prions and viroid's are PDF, "Five Kingdom" App Download (Free) with unicellular, multicellular, acellular, and bicellular choices for school certificate. Study biodiversity quiz questions , download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online school courses.

Chapter 1 MCQs: Five Kingdom Quiz

MCQ: Prions and viroid's are

A) unicellular
B) multicellular
C) acellular
D) bicellular

MCQ: Prokaryotic animals lie in kingdom

A) Monera
B) Protista
C) Fungi
D) Plantae

MCQ: The flowering plants are considered as part of

A) kingdom animalia
B) kingdom plantae
C) kingdom ferns
D) kingdom algae

MCQ: Which is true about viruses?

A) unicellular
B) multicellular
C) acellular
D) bicellular

MCQ: The viruses are considered as non-living organisms because of

A) crystalline nature
B) presence of chitin
C) absence of chloroplasts
D) absence of polysaccharides

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