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Zoology MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Zoology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve zoology quiz answers PDF worksheet, 10th grade biology test for online courses. Practice support and movement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Zoology" quiz questions PDF for virtual online school. Learn muscles and movements, human body and skeleton, human skeleton, zoology test prep for distance learning.

"The movement of the whole animal from one place to another place is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on microscopy and cell theory with choices skeletal movement, non-skeletal movement, movement, and locomotion for virtual online school. Solve support and movement quiz questions for online certificate programs for online teaching certification programs.

MCQs on Zoology PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The movement of the whole animal from one place to another place is called

  1. skeletal movement
  2. non-skeletal movement
  3. movement
  4. locomotion


MCQ: The animals that are bred in the artificial selection are classified as

  1. cultivars
  2. traitors
  3. breeds
  4. varieties


MCQ: In animals and human beings, the lungs and the air passageway are two important parts of

  1. respiratory system
  2. epidermal system
  3. excretory system
  4. cellular system


MCQ: In the food chain, the animals that are not available in abundance are present at the

  1. beginning of food chain
  2. end of the food chain
  3. middle of food chain
  4. center of biomass pyramid


MCQ: In animals and man, the nervous system is composed of components that includes

  1. central nervous system only
  2. peripheral nervous system only
  3. myelin nervous system
  4. central nervous system and peripheral nervous system