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What are Chromosomes MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

What are chromosomes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice what are chromosomes quiz answers PDF, 10th grade biology worksheets for online degrees. Solve inheritance Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), What are Chromosomes quiz questions PDF for distance learning classes. "What are Chromosomes MCQ" PDF book: inheritance: variations and evolution, introduction to genetics, general biology, what are chromosomes test prep for online degree programs.

"The alternating forms of genes are known as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on rate of enzyme action with choices assorted crosses, transcription crosses, alleles, and translating crosses for distance learning classes. Solve inheritance quiz questions for online certificate programs for online classes.

MCQs on What are Chromosomes PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The alternating forms of genes are known as

  1. assorted crosses
  2. transcription crosses
  3. alleles
  4. translating crosses


MCQ: The kind of genotype in which two identical alleles are carried by a pair of the gene is called

  1. recessive genotype
  2. dominant genotype
  3. homozygous genotype
  4. heterozygous genotype


MCQ: The number of bonds between guanine and cytosine is

  1. four
  2. five
  3. two
  4. three


MCQ: The allele which is not expressed is called

  1. recessive allele
  2. dominant allele
  3. loci
  4. phenotype


MCQ: The allele that prevents the expression of the other is called

  1. recessive allele
  2. dominant allele
  3. loci
  4. phenotype