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Introduction to Biotechnology MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Introduction to biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice introduction to biotechnology quiz answers PDF, 10th grade biology worksheets for online degrees. Solve biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Introduction to Biotechnology quiz questions PDF for distance learning. "Introduction to Biotechnology MCQ" PDF book: single cell protein, biology: fermentation, introduction of biotechnology, introduction to biotechnology test prep for free online courses.

"Use of living organisms to serve humans is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on complex tissues with choices biotechnology, social biology, human biology, and service biology for distance learning. Solve biotechnology quiz questions for online certificate programs for online education programs.

MCQs on Introduction to Biotechnology PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Use of living organisms to serve humans is

  1. biotechnology
  2. social biology
  3. human biology
  4. service biology


MCQ: Manny transgenic animals are used to get medicines through their milk, blood and

  1. meat
  2. hormones
  3. bones
  4. urine


MCQ: In 1978 scientists prepared human insulin by inserting the gene in

  1. bacteria
  2. virus
  3. fungi
  4. algae


MCQ: Process of using living organisms to develop products is known as

  1. genome engineering
  2. medical engineering
  3. biotechnology
  4. bioengineering


MCQ: Transgenic organisms have modified

  1. chemicals
  2. hormones
  3. enzymes
  4. genetic makeup