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Learn Uses of logic gates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice uses of logic gates quiz answers PDF to study online 10th grade physics course. Basic Electronics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Uses of Logic Gates quiz questions PDF for online degree programs. "Uses of Logic Gates MCQ" PDF eBook: investigating properties of electrons, analogue and digital electronics, and operation test prep for online school classes.

"A bit represents data using" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on uses of logic gates with choices 0, 1, 1, 2, 1, 10, and 0, 10 for online degree programs. Study basic electronics quiz questions for online certificate programs for online degrees.

MCQs on Uses of Logic Gates

MCQ: A bit represents data using

0, 1
1, 2
1, 10
0, 10

MCQ: A byte is equal to

10 bits
15 bits
12 bits
8 bits

MCQ: To make a burglar alarm, we can use a single

AND gate
OR gate
NAND gate
NOT gate

MCQ: Digital electronic devices store and process electronically


MCQ: The process of transforming information into 1's and 0's is called