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Practice Logarithms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve logarithms quiz answers PDF to learn 9th grade math online course. Introduction to Logarithms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Logarithms quiz questions PDF for online study. "Logarithms MCQ" PDF Book: laws of logarithm, logarithms, scientific notation, characteristics of logarithm test prep for distance learning.

"The logarithms having base ‘10’ are called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on logarithms with choices pure logarithms, common logarithms/briggesian logarithms, natural logarithms, and infinite logarithms for online study. Learn introduction to logarithms quiz questions for online certificate programs for taking online classes.

MCQs on Logarithms

MCQ: The logarithms having base ‘10’ are called

pure logarithms
common logarithms/Briggesian logarithms
natural logarithms
infinite logarithms

MCQ: If ax then

a = logxn
x = logna
x = logan
a = lognx

MCQ: 10−3 = 0.001 can be written in the form of logarithm as

log 1 = −3
log 0.001 = 3
log 3 = − 0.001
log 0.001 = −3

MCQ: The types of logarithms are


MCQ: 10² = 100 can be written in the form of logarithm as

log 100 = 2
log 2 = 100
log 2100
log 2 ⁄ log 100