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Equations Involving Absolute Value MCQ Quiz Online

Practice Equations involving absolute value Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve equations involving absolute value quiz answers PDF to learn 9th grade math online course. Linear Equations and Inequalities Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Equations Involving Absolute Value quiz questions PDF for online education programs. "Equations Involving Absolute Value MCQ" PDF Book: solving linear inequalities, linear inequalities, equations involving absolute value, linear equations test prep for online degrees.

"If x = 0 then | x | is equal to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on equations involving absolute value with choices x, 0, 1, and −x for online education programs. Learn linear equations and inequalities quiz questions for online certificate programs for taking online classes.

MCQs on Equations Involving Absolute Value

MCQ: If x = 0 then | x | is equal to


MCQ: | 5 | should be equal to

1 ⁄ 5;

MCQ: For real number ‘x’ the absolute value is denoted by

| x |
1 ⁄ x

MCQ: | x + 3 | = 4 should be equal to

1 and 7
2 and 5
1 and −7
0 and −5

MCQ: If x > 0 then | x | is equal to


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