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Matrix MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Matrix Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), matrix quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 9 math practice test for online courses. Learn matrices and determinants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Matrix" quiz questions and answers for online secondary school classes. Learn matrices: addition and subtraction, types of matrices, matrix test prep for virtual online school.

"Generally the elements of a matrix are denoted by" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on recognize of operations on sets with choices numbers, capital letters, small letters, and both a and c for online secondary school classes. Practice matrices and determinants quiz questions for online certificate programs for school certificate.

MCQs on Matrix PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Generally the elements of a matrix are denoted by

  1. numbers
  2. capital letters
  3. small letters
  4. both A and C


MCQ: The idea of matrices was introduced by Arthur Caylet in

  1. 18th century
  2. 19th century
  3. 20th century
  4. 21st century


MCQ: Horizontally arranged elements in a matrix is called

  1. columns
  2. rows
  3. determinants
  4. transpose


MCQ: If determinant of a matrix is not equal to zero, then it is said to be

  1. non-singular matrix
  2. square matrix
  3. singular matrix
  4. identical matrix


MCQ: If two matrices A and B have the same order and their corresponding elements are equal then it is called

  1. matrix equality
  2. rectangular matrix
  3. square matrix
  4. identical matrix