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Angles and Trigonometrical Ratio MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Angles and trigonometrical ratio Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice angles and trigonometrical ratio quiz answers PDF, 8th grade math worksheets for online degrees. Solve trigonometric ratios Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Angles and Trigonometrical Ratio quiz questions PDF for online certifications. "Angles and Trigonometrical Ratio MCQ" PDF book: use of simple calculator, solving right angled triangles, applications of trigonometry, angles and trigonometrical ratio test prep for distance education.

"If sin A is 0.865 then the value of angle A (four significant figures) is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on inverse proportion with choices 85.59°, 59.88°, 62.88°, and 88.62° for online certifications. Solve trigonometric ratios quiz questions for online certificate programs for online elementary school classes.

MCQs on Angles and Trigonometrical Ratio PDF Download eBook

MCQ: If sin A is 0.865 then the value of angle A (four significant figures) is

  1. 85.59°
  2. 59.88°
  3. 62.88°
  4. 88.62°


MCQ: If XY = 16 and XZ = 45.2 then the angle of X and Z respectively are

  1. 20.73°, 69.27°
  2. 41°, 69°
  3. 73°, 27°
  4. 20°, 27°


MCQ: In a right angle triangle ABC, if BC is 8.7 and AC is 18.9 then the value of angle A is

  1. 40.85°
  2. 64.86°
  3. 27.40°
  4. 32.40°


MCQ: The two trigonometrical ratios whose values cannot be greater than 1 are

  1. sine and cosine
  2. sine and tangent
  3. tangent and cosine
  4. all of above


MCQ: If tan A is 0.573 then the value of angle A in a right angle triangle is

  1. 42.43°
  2. 34.86°
  3. 31.53°
  4. 29.81°