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Algebraic manipulation and Formulae Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 1

Practice Algebraic manipulation and formulae multiple choice questions and answers, algebraic manipulation and formulae quiz answers PDF to solve grade 7 math worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice Algebraic Fractions MCQs, algebraic manipulation and formulae quiz questions and answers for online degrees. Algebraic manipulation and Formulae MCQ PDF: algebraic fractions, subject of formula, multiplication and division of algebraic fraction test prep for taking online classes.

"Solving the following expression 3⁄(2 - a⁄6)" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on algebraic manipulation and formulae with choices 12a⁄18, 18⁄(12 - a), 6a⁄4, and none of above for online degrees. Solve algebraic fractions quiz questions for school certificate programs for online learning.

MCQs on Algebraic manipulation and Formulae Quiz

MCQ: Solving the following expression 3⁄(2 - a⁄6)

18⁄(12 - a)
none of above

MCQ: If we make a the subject of given formula (p + a)⁄5 = 3p we get

a + p⁄5
a = 14p
a = 15p

MCQ: Simplification of (a² - 4b²)⁄((a²+2ab)⁄ab) yields

b(a - 2b)
a(b - 2a)
a + 2b
a - 2b

MCQ: Making a the subject of (a⁄b) - (a⁄c) = 1 we get

a = b⁄c
a = c⁄b
a = c + b + 1
a = bc⁄(c - b)

MCQ: Simplifying the expression (m²cx + mc)⁄(m²x² + 2mx + 1) gives us

mc⁄(mx + 1)
(mx + 1)⁄mc
mc + 1⁄m
none of above