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Algebraic Fractions MCQ with Answers PDF

Algebraic fractions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice algebraic fractions quiz answers PDF, 7th grade math worksheets for online degrees. Solve algebraic manipulation and formulae Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Algebraic Fractions quiz questions PDF for online degrees. Algebraic Fractions MCQ PDF: multiplication and division of algebraic fraction, subject of formula, algebraic fractions test prep for taking online classes.

"Solving the following expression 3⁄(2 - a⁄6)" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on algebraic fractions with choices 18⁄(12 - a), 12a⁄18, 6a⁄4, and none of above for online degrees. Solve algebraic manipulation and formulae quiz questions for online certificate programs for online learning.

MCQs on Algebraic Fractions

MCQ: solving the following expression 3⁄(2 - a⁄6)

18⁄(12 - a)
none of above

MCQ: The single denominator expression for (1⁄4)c⁄(c + 1⁄3)

3c⁄(4(3c + 1))
4c + 1⁄3c

MCQ: Simplifying the given expression 7⁄(2x - 5) + 4⁄(x - 3) gives us

23x - 31
(15x - 41)⁄(2x - 5)(x - 3)
(x - 3)(2x - 5)⁄23x
none of above

MCQ: solving the expression (2a + 3c)⁄3b + (a - c)⁄b gives us