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Congruence and Similarity Multiple Choice Questions Online p. 1

Learn Congruence and similarity multiple choice questions and answers, congruence and similarity quiz answers PDF to learn grade 7 math test 1 for online courses. Similar Figures and Objects MCQs, congruence and similarity quiz questions and answers for virtual elementary school. "Congruence and Similarity MCQ" PDF Book: similar figures and objects, congruent figures and objects, similarity and scale drawings test prep for online schools.

"Objects having same shapes but not necessarily same sizes are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on congruence and similarity with choices non-identical, similar, non-similar, and none of above for virtual elementary school. Practice similar figures and objects quiz questions for school certificate programs for online elementary school classes.

MCQs on Congruence and Similarity Quiz

MCQ: Objects having same shapes but not necessarily same sizes are

None of above

MCQ: Congruent objects are

None of above

MCQ: The scale of map is 4cm : 1km, the simplest possible ratio is

1cm : 250m
2cm : 340m
3cm : 560m
4cm : 120m

MCQ: Two hexagons of same shape and different sizes are

None of above

MCQ: Two polygons are similar then their corresponding angles are

Not equal
None of above

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