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The Book Similar figures and objects Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, similar figures and objects MCQs download to study online 7th grade math certification courses. Solve Congruence and Similarity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Similar Figures and Objects quiz answers PDF for virtual elementary school. The eBook Similar Figures and Objects MCQ App Download: similarity and scale drawings, congruent figures and objects, similar figures and objects test prep for online schools.

The MCQ: Objects having same shapes but not necessarily same sizes are PDF, "Similar Figures and Objects" App Download (Free) with similar, non-identical, non-similar, and none of above choices for virtual elementary school. Study congruence and similarity quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online elementary school classes.

Class 7 Math: Similar Figures and Objects MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Objects having same shapes but not necessarily same sizes are

A) Similar
B) Non-identical
C) Non-similar
D) None of above

MCQ: Two polygons are similar then their corresponding angles are

A) Not equal
B) Equal
C) congruent
D) None of above

MCQ: If all the sides of any two figures are proportional then they are

A) Congruent
B) Non-congruent
C) Similar
D) Non-similar

MCQ: An enlargement results in a smaller image, it is called

A) Enlargement
B) Compression
C) equality
D) None of above

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