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Direct and Inverse Proportions MCQ with Answers PDF p. 2

Learn Direct and inverse proportions MCQ with answers, direct and inverse proportions quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 7 math MCQ bank 2 for online classes. Forms of Direct Proportion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), direct and inverse proportions quiz questions and answers for online school and college. "Direct and Inverse Proportions" MCQs PDF: forms of direct proportion, direct proportion and graphs, direct proportions, direct proportion: math test prep for online school and college.

"Q = 7p², q and p are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on direct and inverse proportions with choices inversely related, directly related, no related, and none of above for online school and college. Solve forms of direct proportion quiz questions for school certificate programs for online school courses.

MCQs on Direct and Inverse Proportions

MCQ: Q = 7p², q and p are

directly related
inversely related
no related
None of above

MCQ: Y is inversely proportional to √x y = 6 when x = 4, the value of x when y = 4 is


MCQ: If x and y are directly related, the graph between them is

Straight line
curved line
tangent line
None of above

MCQ: P is inversely proportional to Q, P = 9 when Q = 2, value of P when Q = 3 is


MCQ: If 30 : 50 = 6 : x then value of x is