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Multiplication of Integers MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Multiplication of integers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), multiplication of integers quiz answers PDF to study online courses, 6th grade math tests. Solve Integers Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Multiplication of Integers quiz questions PDF for virtual elementary school. The e-Book Multiplication of Integers MCQ App Download: rules of integers, addition of integers, multiplication of integers, distributive law of multiplication test prep for online study.

The MCQ: The product of -140 and +8 is PDF, "Multiplication of Integers" App Download (Free) with 1120, 3200, −1120, and −3200 choices for virtual elementary school. Study integers quiz questions , download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for elementary school graduation certificate.

Chapter 9 MCQs: Multiplication of Integers Quiz

MCQ: The product of -140 and +8 is

A) 1120
B) 3200
C) −1120
D) −3200

MCQ: The product of -2 x -3 x -(+4) x -2 is

A) 48
B) −48
C) 72
D) −72

MCQ: The product of -8 and -12 is

A) 96
B) −96
C) 72
D) −72

MCQ: By solving (-3 x -7 x 2) - (-4 x -2 x -3), the answer is

A) −66
B) 66
C) −96
D) 96

MCQ: By evaluating the following +6 x (-5 x -4), the answer will be

A) 140
B) −140
C) −120
D) 120

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