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Matter Properties Trivia Questions & Answers PDF Download - 8

The Matter properties Trivia Questions and Answers PDF (matter properties Quiz Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 4-8 to study Grade 9 Physics Course. Practice Atmospheric Pressure MCQ PDF, Matter Properties Quiz Questions and Answers to study online classes courses. The Matter Properties Trivia App Download: Free certification app for atmospheric pressure, elasticity: physics, archimedes principle, hookes law test prep for online certificate courses.

The Trivia MCQ: During cold chilly nights, the atmospheric pressure is; "Matter Properties" App APK Download with answers: Remains constant; Decreased; Becomes zero; Increased; to study online classes courses. Practice Atmospheric Pressure MCQ Questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for distance learning.

Matter Properties Test Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ 8

MCQ 36:

During cold chilly nights, the atmospheric pressure is

  1. decreased
  2. remains constant
  3. becomes zero
  4. increased
MCQ 37:

The instruments that measure atmospheric pressure are called

  1. beam balance
  2. thermometers
  3. barometers
  4. screw gauge
MCQ 38:

If stress produces a change in the length of an object then the strain is termed as

  1. zero strain
  2. constant strain
  3. former strain
  4. tensile strain
MCQ 39:

The density of metal spoon when its weight in air is 0.48 N and in water is 0.42 N is

  1. 1000 kg m-3
  2. 4000 kg m-3
  3. 6000 kg m-3
  4. 8000 kg m-3
MCQ 40:

If the length of wire is 1 m and cross-sectional area 5×10-5 m², when the wire stretched through 1 mm by a force of 10,000 N. The Young's modulus of the wire would be

  1. 2×105 Nm-2
  2. 2×109 Nm-2
  3. 2×108 Nm-2
  4. 2×1011 Nm-2

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Matter Properties App (Android & iOS)

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