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Basic Physics MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Basic physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice basic physics quiz answers PDF, 9th grade physics worksheets for online degrees. Solve physical quantities and measurement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Basic Physics quiz questions PDF for online certifications. "Basic Physics MCQ" PDF book: international system of units, prefixes, measuring instruments: physics, basic physics test prep for distance education.

"Physical sciences were divided into" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on sound wave and speed with choices 4 disciplines, 3 disciplines, 5 disciplines, and 6 disciplines for online certifications. Solve physical quantities and measurement quiz questions for online certificate programs for online secondary school classes.

MCQs on Basic Physics PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Physical sciences were divided into

  1. 4 disciplines
  2. 3 disciplines
  3. 5 disciplines
  4. 6 disciplines


MCQ: The study of the motion of objects, its causes and effects is called

  1. heat
  2. mechanics
  3. atomic physics
  4. plasma physics


MCQ: A refrigerator is made on the principles of

  1. heat
  2. atomic physics
  3. plasma physics
  4. thermodynamics


MCQ: The study of the nature of heat, modes of transfer and effects of heat is studied under the branch named as

  1. mechanics
  2. Light
  3. heat
  4. atomic physics


MCQ: A car is made on the principles of

  1. mechanics
  2. heat
  3. atomic physics
  4. geophysics