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Audible Frequency Range MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Audible frequency range Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), audible frequency range quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 10 physics practice test for online courses. Learn sound Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Audible Frequency Range" quiz questions and answers for online high school. Learn speed of sound, audible range of human ear, importance of acoustics, echo of sound, audible frequency range test prep for school certificate.

"Cats can hear frequencies up to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on 9th class physics with choices 30,000 hz, 25,000 hz, 40,000 hz, and 50,000 hz for online high school. Practice sound quiz questions for online certificate programs for online certifications.

MCQs on Audible Frequency Range PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Cats can hear frequencies up to

  1. 30,000 Hz
  2. 25,000 Hz
  3. 40,000 Hz
  4. 50,000 Hz


MCQ: A human ear can hear sounds in the range

  1. 40-40,000 Hz
  2. 30-35 Hz
  3. 20-20,000 Hz
  4. 50-50,000 Hz


MCQ: The range of the frequencies which a human ear can hear is called the

  1. pitch of sound
  2. loudness of sound
  3. audible frequency range
  4. quality of sound


MCQ: Bats can hear frequencies up to

  1. 30,000 Hz
  2. 120,000 Hz
  3. 180,000 Hz
  4. 15,000 Hz


MCQ: Bats can hear frequencies up to

  1. 120,000 Hz
  2. 150,000 Hz
  3. 170,000 Hz
  4. 180,000 Hz