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Application of Lenses MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Application of lenses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), application of lenses quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 10 physics practice test for online school programs. Learn geometrical optics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Application of Lenses" quiz questions and answers for online high school. Learn lenses and properties, human eye, refraction of light, spherical mirrors, application of lenses test prep for online education programs.

"The projection or converging lens provides" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on 9th grade physics with choices inverted image only, real image only, virtual image, and inverted and real image for online high school. Practice geometrical optics quiz questions for online certificate programs for online high school.

MCQs on Application of Lenses PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The projection or converging lens provides

  1. inverted image only
  2. real image only
  3. virtual image
  4. inverted and real image


MCQ: In photograph enlarger, the object is placed

  1. between F and 2F
  2. beyond 2F
  3. at F
  4. less than F


MCQ: In-camera the distance between lens and film is fixed and is equal to

  1. p
  2. q
  3. focal length
  4. principal axis