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Solve Kinematics quiz questions and answers, kinematics MCQ questions with answers PDF to solve grade 9 physics quiz 15 for online certification. Types of Motion MCQs, kinematics quiz questions and answers for distance learning classes. "Kinematics " Book PDF: types of motion, motion key terms, scalars and vectors test prep for distance learning classes.

"A spinning motion of a body about its axis is called its" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on kinematics with choices vibratory motion, rotatory motion, circular motion, and linear motion for distance learning classes. Practice types of motion quiz questions for school certificate programs for school certificate.

Kinematics Questions and Answers

MCQ: A spinning motion of a body about its axis is called its

rotatory motion
vibratory motion
circular motion
linear motion

MCQ: Displacement is defined as the

longest distance between two points
zero distance between two points
shortest distance between two points
all of above

MCQ: If a car is moving at 30 ms-1 and uniformly slows down to 15 ms-1 in 5s then its deceleration is

-3 ms-1
-4 ms-1
5 ms-1
21 ms-1

MCQ: A vector quantity among the following is

velocity only
force only
velocity and force

MCQ: A bus moving in a straight and leveled road is in

linear motion
vibratory motion
circular motion
random motion