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Physical Quantities and Measurement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

The Book Physical quantities and measurement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), physical quantities and measurement quiz answers PDF 1 to study online courses, class 9 physics tests. Practice Basic Physics MCQs, physical quantities and measurement quiz questions and answers for online certifications. The App Physical Quantities and Measurement MCQ eBook PDF Download: basic physics, measuring instruments: physics, prefixes, international system of units, introduction to physics test prep for distance education.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): Physical sciences were divided into PDF, "Physical Quantities and Measurement" App Download (Free) with 3 disciplines, 4 disciplines, 5 disciplines, and 6 disciplines choices for online certifications. Solve basic physics quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online secondary school classes.

Class 9 Physics: Physical Quantities and Measurement MCQs Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Physical sciences were divided into

A) 4 disciplines
B) 3 disciplines
C) 5 disciplines
D) 6 disciplines

MCQ: The smallest change a sensitive beam balance can record is

A) 100 mg
B) 10 mg
C) 50 mg
D) 1 mg

MCQ: By using prefixes, we can write 335 × 10-8 s as

A) 0.335 µs
B) 33.5 µs
C) 335 µs
D) 3.35 µs

MCQ: When a standard is set for a quantity, then the standard quantity is called a

A) amount
B) rate
C) prefix
D) unit

MCQ: The study of the internal structure of the Earth is known as

A) mechanics
B) nuclear physics
C) atomic physics
D) geophysics

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