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Evaporation MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Evaporation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve evaporation quiz answers PDF worksheet, 9th grade physics test for online courses. Practice thermal properties of matter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Evaporation" quiz questions PDF for online certifications. Learn latent heat of fusion, latent heat of vaporization, thermal expansion, evaporation test prep for online secondary school.

"If the surface area of liquid is large then evaporation will be" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nor gate with choices small, large, moderate, and slow for online certifications. Solve thermal properties of matter quiz questions for online certificate programs for online school courses.

MCQs on Evaporation PDF Download eBook

MCQ: If the surface area of liquid is large then evaporation will be

  1. small
  2. large
  3. moderate
  4. slow


MCQ: The changing of a liquid into vapors from the surface of the liquid without heating it is called

  1. expansion
  2. contraction
  3. evaporation
  4. fusion


MCQ: The evaporation from the surface of any liquid depends on

  1. temperature
  2. wind
  3. nature of liquid
  4. all of above


MCQ: Evaporation causes

  1. cooling
  2. heating effect
  3. increase in weight
  4. increase in density


MCQ: Evaporation takes place at

  1. freezing point
  2. boiling point
  3. melting point
  4. all of above