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Force of Gravitation MCQ Quiz PDF Download

Learn Force of gravitation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), force of gravitation quiz answers PDF to study 9th grade physics online course. Gravitation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Force of Gravitation quiz questions PDF for online certifications. Force of Gravitation Book PDF: force of gravitation, gravitational force, artificial satellites test prep for distance education.

"The first man who came up with the idea of gravity was" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on force of gravitation App APK with henry briggs, john napier, jobst burgi, and isaac newton choices for online certifications. Study gravitation quiz questions for online certificate programs for online secondary school classes.

MCQs on Force of Gravitation

MCQ: The first man who came up with the idea of gravity was

Henry Briggs
John Napier
Jobst Burgi
Isaac Newton

MCQ: If two masses are m1 and m2, distance is ‘d’, and constant of gravitation is ‘G’, then the gravitational force for attraction will be

F = G (m1 m2/d²)
F = G (m1 + m2/d²)
F = G (m1 - m2/d²)
F = G (d²/m1 - m2)

MCQ: 2 lead spheres having a mass of 1000 kg each are placed with their centers 1 m apart. The gravitational force with which they attract to each other will be

6.673 x105
66.73 x105
6673 x10-5
6.673 x10-5

MCQ: The value of gravitation on moon's surface is 1.6 ms-1. The weight of a 100 kg body on the moon's surface will be

80 N
100 Ns
120 N
160 N

MCQ: The gravitational pull of the Earth acting on the body whether the body is in contact with the Earth or not, such force is known as

force of inertia
force of limiting friction
force of inertia
field force