Dynamics Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download eBook

Dynamics MCQ questions and answers, dynamics quiz answers PDF to practice grade 9 physics test 2 for online classes. Practice "Physics Classroom" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), dynamics quiz questions and answers for online teaching certification programs. Learn physics practice test online, dynamics and friction, force, inertia and momentum, newton's laws of motion test prep for school certificate.

"As weight is a force so it is a" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on dynamics with choices fixed quantity, scalar quantity, variable quantity, and vector quantity for online teaching certification programs. Free physics study guide for online learning physics classroom quiz questions for online classes.

Dynamics MCQs Quiz 2 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: As weight is a force so it is a

  1. scalar quantity
  2. fixed quantity
  3. variable quantity
  4. vector quantity


MCQ: At high speeds the friction is

  1. increased
  2. decreased
  3. s zero
  4. infinite


MCQ: The ratio of the force of limiting friction to normal reaction is

  1. zero
  2. constant
  3. greater than 1
  4. less than 2


MCQ: The push and pull that moves or tend to move, stops or tends to stop the motion of a body is known as

  1. force
  2. friction
  3. velocity
  4. momentum


MCQ: The force that produces an acceleration of 1 ms−2 in a body of the mass of 1 kg is called

  1. slow newton
  2. zero newton
  3. one newton
  4. two newton