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Practice Introduction to logarithms multiple choice questions and answers, introduction to logarithms quiz answers PDF to learn grade 9 math test 1 for online courses. Characteristics of Logarithm MCQs, introduction to logarithms quiz questions and answers for free online courses. "Introduction to Logarithms " Book PDF: characteristics of logarithm, scientific notation, logarithms, laws of logarithm test prep for distance learning.

"The characteristic of the log 0.03 is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on introduction to logarithms with choices −2, −1, 1, and 2 for free online courses. Learn characteristics of logarithm quiz questions for school certificate programs for online certificate courses.

MCQs on Introduction to Logarithms Quiz

MCQ: The characteristic of the log 0.03 is


MCQ: The number 50700 in the form of scientific notation should be

5.07 × 104
5.07 × 103
5.07 × 10−4
5.07 × 105

MCQ: The logarithms having base ‘10’ are called

pure logarithms
common logarithms/Briggesian logarithms
natural logarithms
infinite logarithms

MCQ: Loga(mn) equals to

logam + logan
logam - logan
n logam
logbn × logab

MCQ: A concise, precise and convenient method to write very small or large numbers is called

scientific notation