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Examples of Nouns Practice Test PDF Download

Study examples of nouns multiple choice questions, grade 9 online a level physics 4, nouns multiple choice questions with answers as sure, i will help you in your assignments. (which word is a count noun?), below. Free assessment test for online study nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Examples of Nouns - Quiz 4

MCQ: Sure, I will help you in your assignments. (Which word is a count noun?)

  1. help
  2. assignments
  3. sure
  4. your


MCQ: She put red rose flowers into the vase in a great order. (Which word is a concrete noun?)

  1. vase
  2. flowers
  3. order
  4. great


MCQ: Clouds of black smoke belched from house. (Which word is a mass noun?)

  1. clouds
  2. belched
  3. house
  4. smoke.


MCQ: Where were you, Jhon? I need your help to complete my task. (Which word is a vocative noun?)

  1. help
  2. task
  3. John
  4. complete


MCQ: My brother, the singer, has been awarded the best singer. (Which word is an appositive noun?)

  1. has been
  2. the singer
  3. awarded
  4. best