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Examples of Nouns Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

Practice Examples of nouns multiple choice questions and answers, examples of nouns quiz answers PDF to solve grade 9 english worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice Nouns MCQs, examples of nouns quiz questions and answers for online secondary school classes. Examples of Nouns MCQ PDF: nouns test prep for distance learning.

The MCQ: My father decorated my room for my birthday. (Which word is an indirect object noun?) PDF, "examples of nouns" App Download (Free) with choices father, for my birthday, decorated, and my for online secondary school classes. Solve nouns quiz questions for school certificate programs for online courses.

Class 9 English: Examples of Nouns Quiz

MCQ: My father decorated my room for my birthday. (Which word is an indirect object noun?)

A) for my birthday
B) father
C) decorated
D) my

MCQ: We know our art teacher will not take our class. (Which word is a compound noun?)

A) not
B) art teacher
C) class
D) know

MCQ: Jhon and Sara took sandwiches for breakfast. (Which word is an object noun?)

A) Sandwiches
B) took
C) Sara
D) breakfast.

MCQ: Each day in my life having a same routine. (Which word is a singular noun?)

A) same
B) my
C) each
D) life

MCQ: An empire wrong decision changed the match situation. (Which word is a verbal noun?)

A) changed
B) decision
C) match
D) empire

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