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English Verbs Practice Test PDF Download

Study english verbs multiple choice questions, grade 9 online a level physics 4, verbs multiple choice questions with answers as in your good day, we should ____________ something for rainy day., below. Free assessment test for online study verbs quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on English Verbs - Quiz 4

MCQ: In your good day, we should ____________ something for rainy day.

  1. have
  2. did
  3. done
  4. being


MCQ: Our own experiences ____________ teach us better.

  1. might
  2. can
  3. being
  4. does


MCQ: My mother owns a new car, yet she ____________ ____________ know how to drive.

  1. do not
  2. does not
  3. will not
  4. did not


MCQ: Constant hard work ____________ __enhance our talent so we should do it

  1. could
  2. can be
  3. can
  4. can been


MCQ: After she came home, she ____________ tea.

  1. make
  2. made
  3. is make
  4. was make