Least Count MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Least count Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), least count quiz answers PDF to study secondary school physics for online degree courses. Learn physical quantities and measurement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Least Count" quiz questions and answers for online certifications. Learn introduction to physics, physics: measuring instruments, basic physics, prefixes, least count test prep for online teaching certification programs.

"The least count of Vernier calipers is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on how does material effect resistance with choices 0.01 mm, 0.1mm, 0.01 cm, and 1 cm for online certifications. Free physics student portal for online learning physical quantities and measurement quiz questions for online study.

MCQs on Least Count PDF Download

MCQ: The least count of Vernier calipers is

  1. 0.01 mm
  2. 0.1mm
  3. 0.01 cm
  4. 1 cm


MCQ: The least count of the digital stopwatch is

  1. 0.2 s
  2. 0.1 s
  3. 0.3 s
  4. 0.01 s


MCQ: The least count of physical balance is

  1. 0.001 g
  2. 0.0001 g
  3. 0.01 g
  4. 1 g


MCQ: The least count of ruler is

  1. 2 mm
  2. 10 mm
  3. 50 mm
  4. 1 mm