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Chapter 3: Class 9 English Exam Tests

Class 9 English MCQs - Chapter 3

English Verbs Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

Solve English verbs quiz questions and answers, english verbs MCQ questions with answers PDF to practice grade 9 english worksheet 3 for online certificates. Practice Verbs MCQs, english verbs quiz questions and answers for online education. English Verbs Quiz PDF: verbs test prep for free online courses.

The MCQ Quiz: Her promises ____________ always a rope of sand for everyone. PDF, "english verbs MCQs" App (iOS & Android) with choices is, was, be, and are for online education. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for online degrees.

Class 9 English: English Verbs Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Her promises ____________ always a rope of sand for everyone.

A) was
B) is
C) be
D) are

MCQ: Kind words ____________ ever lasting effect on the listener.

A) are
B) was
C) is
D) have

MCQ: Can you explain the idea? Which ____________ expressed in the first stanza.

A) is
B) can
C) be
D) been

MCQ: When they entered the room, the light ____________ quite dazzling.

A) were
B) are
C) have
D) was

MCQ: It is better an honest enemy than a false friend like you ____________ .

A) had
B) did
C) have
D) do

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