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Transport MCQ Questions PDF Download - 30

The Book Transport MCQ with Answers PDF, transport quiz questions, test 30 to study online class 9 biology certification course. Study Human Blood Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, transport quiz questions and answers for online secondary school. The eBook Transport MCQs App Download: human blood, human heart, blood vessels, transport in human, transport of food test prep for online education programs.

The MCQs: The percentage of plasma in blood in a healthy person is PDF, Transport App Android & iOS (Free) with 0.45, 0.75, 0.55, and 0.65 choices for online secondary school. Practice human blood quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online secondary school.

Class 9 Biology: Transport Quiz Answers PDF Download

MCQ: The percentage of plasma in blood in a healthy person is

A) 0.75
B) 0.45
C) 0.55
D) 0.65

MCQ: The heart of humans works as

A) triple channel
B) double channel
C) double pump
D) triple pump

MCQ: Considering the layers of arteries, the outermost layer of the artery is composed of

A) muscle tissue
B) nervous tissue
C) muscular tissue
D) connective tissue

MCQ: The invertebrates that have the open circulatory system are

A) sea horse
B) sea spider
C) jewel anemone
D) arthropods

MCQ: The exporting organs of plants are called

A) links
B) sources
C) sinks
D) epidermis

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