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Transport MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook - 30

Learn Transport MCQ with answers PDF, transport quiz worksheets with answers key to solve grade 9 9th grade biology worksheet 30 for online classes. Practice Opening and Closing of Stomata Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), transport quiz questions and answers for online secondary school. Learn human blood, human heart, blood vessels, transport in human, transport of food test prep for online education programs.

"The percentage of plasma in blood in a healthy person is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transport with choices 0.45, 0.75, 0.55, and 0.65 for online secondary school. Solve opening and closing of stomata quiz questions for school certificate programs for online secondary school.

Transport MCQs Quiz 30 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The percentage of plasma in blood in a healthy person is

  1. 0.75
  2. 0.45
  3. 0.55
  4. 0.65


MCQ: The heart of humans works as

  1. triple channel
  2. double channel
  3. double pump
  4. triple pump


MCQ: Considering the layers of arteries, the outermost layer of the artery is composed of

  1. muscle tissue
  2. nervous tissue
  3. muscular tissue
  4. connective tissue


MCQ: The invertebrates that have the open circulatory system are

  1. sea horse
  2. sea spider
  3. jewel anemone
  4. arthropods


MCQ: The exporting organs of plants are called

  1. links
  2. sources
  3. sinks
  4. epidermis