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Cell Cycle MCQ Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Cell cycle Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF, cell cycle MCQs questions PDF worksheets to solve grade 9 biology test 1 for online school programs. Practice "Phases of Meiosis" MCQs, cell cycle quiz questions and answers for school certificate. Learn phases of meiosis, apoptosis and necrosis, significance of mitosis test prep for free online classes.

"The abnormal separation of chromosomes is classified as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on cell cycle with choices haploid budding, diploid budding, non-disjunction, and disjunction for school certificate. Solve biology study guide for online courses phases of meiosis quiz questions for online school courses.

Cell Cycle MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The abnormal separation of chromosomes is classified as

  1. diploid budding
  2. haploid budding
  3. non-disjunction
  4. disjunction


MCQ: The pair of homologous chromosomes is classified as

  1. tetravalent
  2. trivalent
  3. bivalent
  4. covalent


MCQ: The special enzymes are released during necrosis from

  1. lysosomes
  2. vacuoles
  3. cytoplasm
  4. Golgi bodies


MCQ: The number of cells that are destroyed in adults by apoptosis are

  1. 20 to 35 billion cells
  2. 50 to 70 billion cells
  3. 10 to 20 billion cells
  4. 15 to 25 billion cells


MCQ: The number of chromosomes in each daughter cells are

  1. 58
  2. 52
  3. not equal
  4. equal