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Transport MCQ Questions and Answers 25 PDF Download eBook

Practice Transport Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF, transport MCQs questions PDF worksheets to solve grade 9 biology test 25 for online school programs. Practice "Human Blood" MCQs, transport quiz questions and answers for online certifications. Learn venous system, human blood, transport in plants, platelets test prep for online secondary school.

"The veins from the shoulders, head, and arms are joined together to form" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transport with choices celiac artery, superior mesenteric artery, superior van cava, and inferior vana cava for online certifications. Solve biology study guide for online courses human blood quiz questions for online school courses.

Transport MCQs Quiz 25 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The veins from the shoulders, head, and arms are joined together to form

  1. superior mesenteric artery
  2. celiac artery
  3. superior van cava
  4. inferior vana cava


MCQ: The amount of blood in an adult human is

  1. 6 liters
  2. 5 liters
  3. 7 liters
  4. 9 liters


MCQ: The broad zone surrounding the endodermis which is composed of thin and large walled cells is called

  1. caecum
  2. cortex
  3. guard cells
  4. lower epidermis


MCQ: The white substance seen at sites of infection which is the accumulation of dead cells is called

  1. cristae
  2. sternum
  3. clot
  4. pus


MCQ: The substances which make 7-9% of plasma in weight are

  1. nucleotides
  2. amino acids
  3. glucose
  4. proteins