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Trigonometric Ratios MCQ Questions PDF Download - 2

The Book Trigonometric ratios MCQ Questions, trigonometric ratios MCQ with answers PDF, test 2 to study online class 8 math certification courses. Study Solving Right Angled Triangles Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, trigonometric ratios quiz questions and answers for online education. The e-Book Trigonometric Ratios MCQs App Download: solving right angled triangles, trigonometrical ratios, practical trigonometry applications, applications of trigonometry test prep for taking online classes.

The MCQs: Considering a right-angled triangle ABC, if opposite side is '12' and adjacent side of triangle is supposed as 'x' then A 48° is PDF, "Trigonometric Ratios" App Android & iOS (Free) with 17.31, 15.31, 18.31, and 19.31 choices for online education. Practice solving right angled triangles quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online school and college.

Class 8 Math MCQ: Trigonometric Ratios Quiz Online PDF Download - 2

MCQ: Considering a right-angled triangle ABC, if opposite side is '12' and adjacent side of triangle is supposed as 'x' then A 48° is

A) 15.31
B) 17.31
C) 18.31
D) 19.31

MCQ: Consider a right angle triangle XYZ, XY = a, YZ = b, XZ = 25.6 and angle of X is 37° then the values of a and b respectively are

A) 19.604, 40.045
B) 18.604, 42.025
C) 17.406, 21.455
D) 15.406, 20.445

MCQ: The sin P of triangle PQR with respect to P is calculated as


MCQ: A bundle of 10 balloons has string of 35 cm attached to it and makes and elevation angle of 40°. The distance of balloons from the holders hand is

A) 38.50 cm
B) 25.50 cm
C) 22.50 cm
D) 32.50 cm

MCQ: The height of a light house is 65 m. The angles of elevation and depression of the top and foot of a radar mast are 52° and 30° respectively. The height of radar mast is

A) 102 m
B) 305 m
C) 209.09 m
D) 109.09 m

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