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Digestive System MCQ Questions PDF Download - 6

The Book Digestive system MCQ with Answers, digestive system quiz questions with answers PDF 6 to learn online courses, grade 7 science tests. Study Digestive Process Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), digestive system quiz questions and answers for distance learning. The e-Book Digestive System MCQs App Download: digestive process, digestive system disorders, digestion and digestive system, small molecules test prep for online education programs.

The MCQ: The first step in digestion process is PDF, "Digestive System" App Android & iOS (Free) with digestion, chewing, ingestion, and egestion choices for distance learning. Practice digestive process quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for elementary school graduation certificate.

Chapter 4 MCQs: Digestive System Test

MCQ: The first step in digestion process is

A) chewing
B) digestion
C) ingestion
D) egestion

MCQ: Eating food quickly stimulates the production of

A) saliva
B) enzymes
C) acid and gastric juice
D) alkali

MCQ: Muscles contraction in 'esophagus' is known as

A) pushing
B) peristalsis
C) analysis
D) momentum

MCQ: The chemical breakdown of food is because of

A) chewing
B) digesting
C) acids and chemicals
D) alkalis

MCQ: The common name for the 'enzymes' which digest protein is

A) pepsin
B) renin
C) maltase
D) protease

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