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Atoms and Atom Model Quiz Answers PDF Download - 23

The e-Book Atoms and atom model Quiz Questions and Answers, atoms and atom model MCQ questions with answers PDF 23 to study online courses, class 7 science tests. Practice Mass Number and Isotopes MCQs, atoms and atom model quiz questions and answers for taking online classes. The e-Book "Atoms and Atom Model Quiz" App Download: mass number and isotopes, chemical formulas, atoms and elements, ionic bonds, electron levels test prep for online learning.

The Quiz "The 'isotope' carbon-12 makes up about" PDF, Atoms and Atom Model App iOS & Android (Free) with 80% of carbon on earth, 90% of carbon on earth, 99% of carbon on earth, and 89% of carbon on earth choices for taking online classes. Study mass number and isotopes quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for distance learning.

Class 7 Science: Atoms and Atom Model Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The 'isotope' carbon-12 makes up about

A) 90% of carbon on earth
B) 80% of carbon on earth
C) 99% of carbon on earth
D) 89% of carbon on earth

MCQ: One molecule of carbon dioxide consists of

A) one carbon and two oxygen atoms
B) one carbon and oxygen atom
C) two carbon and one oxygen atom
D) two carbon and one oxygen atoms

MCQ: Atoms of different elements differ from each other because of

A) difference in color
B) difference in size
C) difference in shape
D) difference in particle numbers

MCQ: When salt is formed, sodium

A) gives an electron to chlorine
B) takes an electron from chlorine
C) shares an electron with chlorine
D) takes a proton from chlorine

MCQ: In an atom of carbon, electronic configuration is

A) 2 electrons in K shell and 4 in M shell
B) 2 electrons in L shell and 4 in M shell
C) 2 electrons in K shell and 4 in L shell
D) 4 electrons in K shell and 2 in L shell

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