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World Population and Resources Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

The Book World population and resources Quiz Questions and Answers, world population and resources MCQ questions with answers PDF 3 to study online courses, class 7 geography tests. Practice Population and Resources MCQs, world population and resources quiz questions and answers for online elementary school. The App World Population and Resources Quiz e-Book PDF Download: population and resources, population distribution test prep for online education programs.

The Quiz: The worldwide population which do not get necessary food is classified as PDF, "World Population and Resources Quiz" App iOS & Android (Free) with under fed population, well-fed population, undernourished population, and over nourished population choices for online elementary school. Study population and resources quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online elementary school.

Class 7 Geography: World Population and Resources Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The worldwide population which do not get necessary food is classified as

A) well-fed population
B) under fed population
C) undernourished population
D) over nourished population

MCQ: According to WHO, the portion of population of world which is well fed is

A) three-fourth
B) one-third
C) two-third
D) one-fourth

MCQ: The naturally occurring things by which benefits can be made are called

A) natural decomposer
B) natural outcomes
C) natural resources
D) natural earners

MCQ: Anything that can be used to earn a living is called

A) reservoir
B) resource
C) outcome
D) none of the above

MCQ: The continent with highest population after Asia is

A) Africa
B) Europe
C) Asia
D) Australia

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