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World Population and Resources Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 4

Solve World population and resources worksheets with answers, world population and resources trivia questions with answers PDF to practice grade 7 geography worksheet 4 for online learning. Practice Population and Resources MCQs, world population and resources quiz questions and answers for online certificate courses. World Population and Resources MCQ PDF: population and resources, population pyramid, population distribution, world population growth rate test prep for online school classes.

"According to WHO, the portion of population of world which is under-fed is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on world population and resources with choices one-fourth, two-third, three-fourth, and one-third for online certificate courses. Solve population and resources quiz questions for school certificate programs for online classes.

MCQs on World Population and Resources Quiz

MCQ: According to WHO, the portion of population of world which is under-fed is


MCQ: The example of natural resource is

historical places

MCQ: Considering the population pyramid, the vertical axis is used to represent the

age groups of population
total number of population
male population
female population

MCQ: The tool used to measure the distribution of population is called

population intensity
population density
housing density
society density

MCQ: If the number of deaths are less than number of births then the

population unchanged
population increases
population decreases
none of the above