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Class 6 English MCQs - Chapter 6

What is Verb Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

Practice What is verb multiple choice questions and answers, what is verb quiz answers PDF to solve grade 6 english worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice Verbs MCQs, what is verb quiz questions and answers for online learning. What is Verb MCQ PDF: verbs test prep for distance learning.

The MCQ: It ___________ drizzling throughout the previous day. PDF, "what is verb" App Download (Free) with choices keeps, kept, keep, and keeping for online learning. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for online study.

Class 6 English: What is Verb Quiz

MCQ: It ___________ drizzling throughout the previous day.

A) kept
B) keeps
C) keep
D) keeping

MCQ: My computer broke down, so I ___________ continue my work.

A) cannot be
B) could not
C) can't
D) couldn't been

MCQ: They ___________ swimming at the beach.

A) were
B) was
C) will
D) is

MCQ: If you are in town, you ___________ come to me.

A) are
B) were
C) had
D) will

MCQ: He heard the train ___________ coming.

A) is
B) were
C) will
D) was

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