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Pronoun Exercise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

Practice Pronoun exercise multiple choice questions and answers, pronoun exercise quiz answers PDF to solve grade 6 english worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice Pronoun MCQs, pronoun exercise quiz questions and answers for online school courses. Pronoun Exercise MCQ PDF: pronoun test prep for online education.

The MCQ: Which is the objective pronoun in the sentence "All of you come to the science lab." PDF, "pronoun exercise" App Download (Free) with choices the, to, you, and of for online school courses. Solve pronoun quiz questions for school certificate programs for free online classes.

Class 6 English: Pronoun Exercise Quiz

MCQ: Which is the objective pronoun in the sentence "All of you come to the science lab."

A) to
B) the
C) you
D) of

MCQ: Which is the object pronoun in the sentence "They want to help her."

A) want
B) they
C) her
D) to

MCQ: Which is the subject pronoun in the sentence "You stole my idea."

A) my
B) idea
C) stole
D) you

MCQ: Which is the demonstrative pronoun in the sentence "Those items should be kept carefully."

A) be
B) should
C) kept
D) those

MCQ: Which is the distributive pronoun in the sentence "Neither of those two were passed."

A) of
B) those
C) neither
D) was

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