MCQ Questions and Answets on What is Verb Quiz 2 PDF Download

Study what is verb multiple choice questions, grade 6 online english 2, verbs multiple choice questions with answers as ___________ you want some food? you are looking hungry., below. Free assessment test for online study verbs quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on What is Verb - Quiz 2

MCQ: ___________ you want some food? You are looking hungry.

  1. does
  2. is
  3. might
  4. do


MCQ: I ___________ shelter is rain under a shady tree.

  1. takes
  2. taken
  3. taking
  4. took


MCQ: Self admiration ___________ the most serious of problem.

  1. are
  2. is
  3. am
  4. were


MCQ: This box ___________ thirty packets of cookies.

  1. contain
  2. contains
  3. containing
  4. was contains


MCQ: Last year, I ___________ beginners level classes.

  1. teach
  2. taught
  3. teaching
  4. teachers