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Chapter 6: Class 6 English Exam Tests

Class 6 English MCQs - Chapter 6

What is Verb MCQ Questions PDF Download - 2

Learn What is verb MCQ with answers, what is verb quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 6 english worksheet 2 for online classes. Practice Verbs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), what is verb quiz questions and answers for online elementary school classes. What is Verb MCQs PDF: verbs test prep for virtual online school.

The Quiz: ___________ you want some food? You are looking hungry. PDF, "what is verb Quiz" App (Android & iOS) with choices is, does, might, and do for online elementary school classes. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for school certificate.

Class 6 English: What is Verb MCQs Questions PDF Download

MCQ: ___________ you want some food? You are looking hungry.

A) does
B) is
C) might
D) do

MCQ: I ___________ shelter is rain under a shady tree.

A) takes
B) taken
C) taking
D) took

MCQ: Self admiration ___________ the most serious of problem.

A) are
B) is
C) am
D) were

MCQ: This box ___________ thirty packets of cookies.

A) contain
B) contains
C) containing
D) was contains

MCQ: Last year, I ___________ beginners level classes.

A) teach
B) taught
C) teaching
D) teachers

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